Thought of the day:

Twenty years today. Sometimes growing up is scary because the older I get, the less black and white the world is and the more grey it becomes. I used to dread getting older because I thought that it meant I had to become serious, but I cannot help but think that life is continuing to get better and better with every year that goes by. Today, I am thankful for my family, friends, and the adventures that are to come.


Language Bridge

Here I stand, surrounded by Ugandans, Cambodians, Congolese, and Burkinabes. These partners of Warm Blankets have spent twenty plus hours on flights and are here learning to be better leaders in their own countries at the Global Leadership Summit.

It’s beautiful to see how the English language is able to bring our partners together. During our picnic today, I was listening to the African partners share about what happens when churches in their communities have great pastors. They were all telling stories of different people from their towns bringing money, chickens, watches, anything valuable to give to the pastors if they really liked what they heard. After talking and laughing together for a long time, everyone at the picnic began to worship together.  I loved in that moment being reminded we are all here for the same purpose: to serve our Heavenly Father. One day God’s Kingdom will be restored and I don’t doubt we will all be able to speak the same language: sharing stories of our times on Earth with one another.

This has been a summer of different cultures for me. I have really loved getting to know Vero and Sophoan, from the Congo and Cambodia, and it is so encouraging to see young women my age from around the world whose hearts are so on fire for God. It is bittersweet that I only have five days left of my internship, but am so thankful for all that I have learned about Warm Blankets Orphan Care.

I am beyond thankful for the ways God is moving in my life and teaching me to simply be faithful to Him. This summer has been quite the gift.